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from 4. 2. 2019 to 27. 5. 2019


We are aware of how important it is to continually acquire skills and inspiration from people who are traditional, spirited dancers in their own countries and continue keeping the dances with respect to their original form. Therefore, since 2010, we almost regularly take part in international workshops, where we learn new dances from the leading experts and promoters. The so obtained dances then we gradually introduce to participants within our dance classes where we are trying to teach them the best way possible. Additionally, the participants have also the opportunity to become personally acquainted with our foreign partners and dance teachers through their regular, planned visits to Prague. Their involvement helps to enrich the experience for us all. Foreign lecturers who cooperate with us are respected leaders in their countries and we are honoured to have the opportunity to work with them.


Kyriakos Moisidis was born in the town of Prochoma near Thessaloniki and is one of leading Greek lecturers. He explores and helps to spread the traditions of his country, both within Greece and through his educational trips worldwide. His family origins trace back to Pontiac Greeks from the region of Kars (present day north-eastern Turkey). He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), specializing in traditional dances. Kyriakos is a co-founder of the dance group Kyklos - Kentro Meletis Paradosiakon Horon. In Thessaloniki and the surrounding region he leads four dance groups, teaches at the Department of Music and Dance (University of Macedonia of Thessaloniki), and organizes his own seminars in Greece and abroad, which are in great demand due to his expertise and passion for dance. Kyriakos teaches mainly dances from different regions of Northern Greece, Macedonia and Thrace, from Epirus on the west, from the area of Asia Minor, of Pondos, of Cappadocia (now Turkey), but also dances of some ethnic minorities living in Greece, such as Vlachs, Sarakatsans and more.

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